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Uniting Global Talent Mobility and Business Travel: Best Practices & Cost Savings

Unlock the Potential of Your Extended Stay Programme

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Featuring insights from travel and mobility
experts from Fortune 2000 companies


Main takeaways

  • Only 42% of talent mobility and business travel functions currently collaborate to deliver corporate accommodation programmes 
  • Duty of care and risk management are the second highest priorities for travel managers when booking accommodation 
  • AltoVita’s experience shows that up to 30% cost savings can be achieved by adopting best practices
  • Organisations can leverage data and analytics to create efficient, cost-effective extended stay programmes 
  • 38% of travellers actively look for information about sustainability efforts before booking an accommodation
  • Prioritising employee experience is vital for successful extended stay programmes catering to their unique needs

The whitepaper surveyed nearly 100 travel and mobility managers globally, and features insights from travel and mobility experts at Fortune 2000 companies including Barclays, UPS, BCD Travel and Baker McKenzie.

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