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Uniting Global Talent Mobility and Business Travel: Best Practices & Cost Savings

Unlock the Potential of
Extended Stay Programmes

Watch our on demand webinar, where we share practical ways in which you can optimize your extended stay programme - and save up to 30% of your annual corporate housing cost!

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What you'll learn

  • What Are the Market Trends Influencing Corporate Accommodation? 
  • Case Study: Saving 26% on Temporary Housing Costs 
  • 10 Tips to Contain the Costs of Extended Stay
  • 8 Benefits of a Managed Long-Stay Accommodation Programme 
  • Best Practices for Extended Stay Programmes
  • Industry Innovations and Future Opportunities

The webinar features insights from an independent study by Festive Road, where we surveyed nearly 100 travel and mobility managers from Global Fortune 2000 companies, including Barclays, UPS, BCD Travel and Baker McKenzie and more!

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The industry webinar you've been waiting for! 

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