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Corporate Housing Trends Report

Q3 2023 edition

Includes top 10 market trends, global inventory pipelines, legislation updates and breaks down some of the major events that will impact pricing in the coming months. It also features pricing comparisons and forecasts across a range of popular cities. 


What you will find inside:

  • Global Market Trends
  • Global Inventory Pipeline
  • Legislation Updates 
  • Major Events Impacting Pricing
  • Pricing Comparisons and Forecasts

TOP 10 Global Market Trends:

  1. Serviced apartment sector expands to accommodate extended stays reflecting the growing demand for flexibility and convenience;
  2. The importance of digital connectivity and two-way booking integrations, including for extended stays;
  3. Rising demand for serviced apartments in business travel that reflects a shift towards more personalised and comfortable accommodations that cater to the multifaceted needs
  4. A prevailing focus on fiscal responsibility shapes corporate travel policies and strategies, underscoring a broader emphasis on sustainability and efficiency;
  5. The travel sector embraces generative AI, with OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology adopted by major players such as TripAdvisor, Navan,, Kayak, and Expedia.

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Who is this report for?

It's designed to equip mobility and business travel managers with relevant insights and data to navigate the global corporate housing landscape.

Global Mobility Managers

Business Travel Managers

HR & Procurement Managers

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