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Corporate Accommodation
Trends Report

Q1 2024 edition

Our latest report looks a little different to last year. In this edition you'll find updates from hospitality partners in a new section called "Local Lens" plus more insights from AltoVita experts per region. We're also including more headlines from across the globe in "Regional Reports". All this is on top of regular features like the top 10 market trends, legislation updates, a breakdown of events that will impact pricing in the coming months, alongside comparisons and forecasts across a range of popular cities.

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What you will find inside:

  • European Focus: Read coverage from The Altos event and ASAP Conference, both held in London at the end of 2023.
  • New "Local Lens" series includes insider views from Rotana and Urban Rest.
  • More on the US's short-term rental legislative crackdown implications, including Airbnb's "Housing Council" riposte.
  • The latest wave of rebrands, mergers and acquisitions gripping the short-term rental market.
  • Details about Hilton's latest lower midscale, extended-stay division, LivSmart, with properties designed to accommodate guest stays of 20 nights or more.
  • Expert insight from AltoVita's hospitality leaders across each region.
  • Plus all the usual sections, including Top 10 Trends; Major Events Impacting Pricing; and Pricing Comparison and Forecast 

TOP 10 Global Market Trends:

  1. New Year, New Look: The start of 2024 is the perfect time to rebrand, or so goes the thinking for many hospitality brands. Step forward Staycity Group’s Staycity and Wilde, and others. 
  2. Easing Rates: While record high hotel accommodation rates of 2023 won’t be dropping anytime soon, the pace of growth is tipped to at least slow. BTN’s Business Travel 2024 Outlook predicts a “degree of stabilisation” with hotel rates expected to settle down in 2024, based on forecasts from travel agency CWT and the Global Business Travel Association;
  3. Sustainability Reporting: The European Union's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) became effective this year, and requires companies to provide detailed sustainability reports, encompassing everything from environmental impact to social responsibility;
  4. Artificial Intelligence (again): As with the latter part of 2023, generative artificial intelligence is remaining on everyone’s radar for this first quarter. Relocation expert Sirva, like many mobility organisations, said it’s using itto analyse retention data for employees who have been on an assignment over a certain number of years; assess return on investment for specific assignment types; gauge the success of mobility programs; and identify opportunities to improve post-assignment employee retention;
  5. Investor Appetite, M&A Trends: Hospitality investors are turning to the corporate segment of the market at the expense of a leisure market, which is expected to plateau in 2024.

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It's designed to equip mobility and business travel managers with relevant insights and data to navigate the global corporate housing landscape.

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