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Middle East Corporate Accommodation Landscape

The Middle East Corporate Accommodation Landscape: Supply & Demand Insights from Industry Leaders report explores how (and why) this region is rapidly evolving.

While known for opulent hotels, there's now a new focus on providing mid-scale and local extended stay accommodation that address the nuanced needs of mid-market businesses. 

AltoVita spoke to suppliers, corporations and team members for unique insights into the future of corporate accommodations in this region.

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Who is this report curated for?

This report is designed to equip mobility and business travel managers with relevant insights and data to navigate the global corporate housing landscape in the Middle East region. 

Global Mobility Managers

Business Travel Managers

HR & Procurement Managers

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What you will find inside:

  • An examination of how global hotel brands are doubling down on extended-stay developments, with dual-tower complexes to house short-term hotel rooms and serviced residences.
  • An assessment of the long-term viability of non-branded serviced apartments in a competitive environment.
  • Focus on Saudi Arabia, which is stepping into the spotlight as a cultural heritage powerhouse and event hub, poised to catalyse regional tourism growth.
  • Emerging trends to watch as the Middle East finds itself at the forefront of a transformative shift in corporate accommodation.
  • Hospitality operator perspectives, including experts from Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences and Ascott Rafal Olaya Riyadh.
  • Plus a look at how Altovita is opening the gates to the Middle East for its clients, by offering a variety of accommodation options to suit the diverse needs of modern corporate travellers.

5 Trends to Watch:

  1. Expansion of Global Hotel Brands into Extended-Stay Markets: Global hotel chains are strategically diversifying their offerings by incorporating extended-stay accommodation within their portfolios in the Middle East. This trend is illustrated by brands launching and developing new brands specifically for extended stays and adapting their properties to include serviced apartments with kitchens, gyms, and more.
  2. The Pressure of High Occupancies and Rising Rates:
    High demand is driving up prices, with rates increasing as much as 25% from Q4 2023 to Q1 2024. This surge is attributed to several factors, including increasing demand paired with inflation and staffing shortages, which compel hospitality suppliers to raise their rates.
  3. The Impact of Large-Scale Tourism and Business Initiatives:
    From the FIFA World Cup in Qatar to Dubai's COP28, these events are catalysts for the region's hospitality sector, drawing attention and investment to various countries.
  4. Transitioning Preferences from Branded to Independent, Boutique Accommodation:
    The evolution of guest preferences, particularly among long-term travellers, from branded to non-branded service accommodations reveals a strategic cost-saving measure.
  5. Embracing Technology and Sustainability in Hospitality:
    There is a noticeable increase in integration of technology and eco-friendly practices within the hospitality sector. As guests seek more sustainable lodging options and enhanced digital experiences, serviced apartments are compelled to innovate.

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