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Join AltoVita's Design Thinking Week

Market Intelligence, Compliance, & Connectivity

Join a week of innovation, where your insights will drive advancements in our product development roadmap, through workshops led by our creative Product Managers, looking to meet the evolving needs of global talent mobility and business travel managers.

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AltoInsights Workshop

Data-Driven Decisions in Corporate Accommodation - Your Vision, Our Analytics

9 April, 10:00 GMT I Duration: 1h

Engage in the exploration of our Reporting & Analytics tool. Contribute to the advancement of in-depth escalation tracking, spend analysis, and performance metrics in corporate accommodation.

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AltoSearch Workshop

Revolutionising Self-Serviced Bookings - Your Ideas, Our Technology

10 April, 16:00 GMT I Duration: 1h

Join us to redefine the self-serviced booking experience. Contribute to the creation of a more intuitive, policy-compliant, and safety-focused booking platform, bringing the experience to extended stay.

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Alto360 Workshop

Reshaping Extended Stay Market Intelligence - A Collaborative Approach

11 April, 16:00 GMT  I  Duration: 1h

Join us to address the pressing challenges of data scarcity in the extended stay sector. This workshop promises a deep dive into collaborative discussions aimed at enhancing strategic decision-making capabilities with richer data on ADRs, occupancy rates, and market trends. We will specifically tackle data availability issues, focusing on developing improved forecasting, planning, and budgeting strategies to navigate the complexities of the extended stay market more effectively.

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AltoCurate Workshop

Personalising Temporary Living - Crafting Tailored Experiences

12 April, 10:00 GMT I Duration: 1h

Help us refine the art of curating personalised temporary living solutions. Your insights will optimise our high-touch approval flow to provide faster, more efficient, and policy-compliant accommodation options.

Interested in co-creating all of our products and helping us shape the future of corporate accommodation?

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Timeline of Events

Discover the journey of innovation from the Design Thinking workshops, to the Live Product Reveal. This event is structured to engage and transform your approach to problem-solving in the dynamic fields of global talent mobility and business travel. 

9-12 April - Workshops

Dive into a series of interactive workshops designed to unleash your creative potential and foster innovative solutions in global talent mobility and business travel. These sessions, led by our seasoned Product Managers, are crafted to inspire new ideas and approaches tailored to evolving industry needs.

May - Hackathon

An intensive 1 day hackathon where our engineering team will collaborate to prototype new technologies and solutions based on the findings and your recommendations during the Design Thinking workshops. This is a hands-on opportunity to apply design thinking principles to real-world challenges, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in talent mobility and business travel.

June - Follow up with participants who wish to deep dive into the solutions developed

Participants interested in seeing their hackathon solutions developed fist-hand will be invited to join personalised follow-up sessions. This phase is dedicated to refining ideas, addressing feedback, and exploring potential implementation strategies within the industry.

9th July - Live product reveal at the Summit

The culmination of our Design Thinking Week, where groundbreaking products and solutions developed during the workshops and hackathon will be showcased. Join us for a live reveal at the summit, highlighting the innovative strides made in global talent mobility and business travel.


Secure your spot in this groundbreaking series of workshops, and be a part of the change you wish to see in the industry.

We’ll reward you with a free ticket to our Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit in London on June 9!

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